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Advantages of Aluminum Dip Brazing


Aluminum Dip Brazing is low cost and usually requires little or no tooling charges. The inherent efficiency of the process keeps costs low in small quantities as well as high volumes.


Strong leak-proof joints are easily and efficiently achieved using modern brazing techniques. This includes the brazing of assemblies with joints that are inaccessible to welding and other joining techniques. Thick and thin cross sections, unconventional shapes, wrought materials and cast alloys can be simultaneously joined in a single assembly.

Strength of an Aluminum Dip Braze Joint

The braze joint itself will exhibit strength equal to the base metal. Joint strength may be enhanced by using lap joints in lieu of simple butt joints.

Distortion Of Aluminum Dip Braze Assemblies

Large and extremely complex shapes can be brazed with minimal distortion at relatively lower-than-welding temperatures. Dip Brazing utilizes uniform application of heat and works in conjunction with the high thermal conductivity of aluminum. This even heating reduces distortion which may be particularly problematic when attempting to manufacture an assembly by welding.

Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Dip Braze Assemblies

The corrosion resistance of aluminum dip brazed assemblies is the same as that of the base metal. Complete removal of residual flux and absence of cracks or fissures, which may entrap salt, is important. In critical applications, complete removal of flux and entrapped salts may be confirmed with an optional silver nitrate test.

Properties Of Aluminum Dip Braze Assemblies

The fillet formed by the filler metal is ideally shaped to resist mechanical fatigue. The filler metal offers joint strength, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity equal to or exceeding the base metal.

Final Appearance of Aluminum Dip Brazing Assemblies

The aluminum dip braze process does not create unsightly slag at the braze joints. In comparison to welding, dip brazed joints form a uniform fillet requiring little or no metal finishing. At CMC, all dip brazed assemblies are chemically cleaned subsequent to brazing and tack removal. Assemblies are ready for Chem Film, paint, or other final finish.